I am Laura, self-expression&confidence coach, Theta-Healer, author and ambassador for a conscious life.

My specialty is communicating with the Higher Self, which lies in our subconscious mind and has the potential to make our wildest dreams a reality.

Growing up I felt like my calling was to help people, so I became a doctor. But prescribing pills was not enough. When I realised that the slightest bodily symptoms were signs of deep emotional trauma, the dogma of what a doctor should be changed for me. I identify more as an empowerment coach and spiritual healer, because this is what I feel mz patients really need. Words heal. They have healed me and I want to help others help themselves!

I’m on a mission to help women be healthy and happy by healing body, mind and soul.

Dr. Laura Götz

I have combined all of my talents and created This is your potential, a platform where anybody can feel safe to be themselves and explore what makes them happy.

So if you are tired of living in the ”box” that somebody else laid out for you, I can help you:

  • increase your self-confidence
  • find your voice
  • discover your life’s purpose
  • dismantel your limiting beliefs
  • so you can work and live on your own rules!

Then I can help you! I offer private sessions, group-coachings, seminars and workshops to companies on a variety of themes. Read more about what I do or check the offers below.


What amazing women say about our work together

Laura brings out the best in me! – Rachel

Dr. Götz is kind, compassionate, smart, funny and passionate about women’s growth, health and empowerment. – Maureen

I love Laura’s vibrant energy, her authenticity and passion! – Catherine

I can say with all my heart that Laura is the best doctor, therapist and -now- friend! – Sorina

For me, Laura is the best empowering doctor and truly heals mind, body and soul! – Adriana

Laura is an incredible woman and doctor! She is patient and understanding and I always feel safe with her. I recommend her 100%! – Aura


Get in Touch

Book online and offline meetings using the contact form.

Offline meetings will be held at my office in Köln, Germany (Ziegeleiweg 6A, 51149). I also have direct partnerships with offices in Siegburg (DE) and Frankfurt (DE).

Offline meetings outside of my office can be arranged during an online call.

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Disclaimer: Coaching is not Psychotherapy and it cannot replace such an intervention. An active coaching requires the client to have a stable mental status. If I (Dr. Laura Götz) asses that you need professional assistance from another professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, cardiologist, neurologist, etc.) you will get both a verbal and a written recommendation, which you can pass down to your general practitioner for further medical assistance.