Every woman has the potential to be the hero in her life story. All she has to do is accept the fact that she is the most powerfull person she knows!

Dr. Laura Götz & Diana andrei
  • do you struggle to answer the question: Who am I?
  • do you feel empty and feel like you are living without a sense of purpose?
  • do you blame yourself for having given up on your dreams?
  • do you sometimes feel lost and not sure where to turn?
  • do you regret getting lost in the rat race?
  • do you have mixed feelings about the reflection in the mirror?
  • are you going through a big change in your life and feel overwhelmed?
  • are in need of positive uplifting and hope?
  • did your frustration reach an unbearable level but you don’t know how to release it without upsetting or dissapointing others?
  • have a difficult time going through pregnancy related issues and feel like no one understands you?

We would like to share the SECRET that will transform your life:

Every woman has the potential to change her life with the flick of her fingers.

All she has to do is say

to her true self.

This is what we do at

  • give YOU a BOOST in your self-confidence
  • preach self-love and
  • dig in to discover YOUR purpose in life

in order for you to achieve

  • unlimited freedom
  • pure happiness &
  • everlasting fulfillment
We basically give out prescriptions for happy ending stories to anybody who needs one!
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Dr. Laura Götz loves creating happy ending stories as an obstetrician, fantasy author and transformational coach!

Through her work as a life-coach she helps women tap into their endless potential for succes in order to design the bright future that they deserve. The struggles vary, from issues relating to self-esteem and pregnancy to getting older while missing a sense of purpose.

With over 10 years of experience in the medical field she developed a revolutionary coaching method called Femindipity, which tackles the milestones in a woman’s life and how to deal with unresolved issues that keep someone stuck in the past and thus unable to have a clear view of the future.

Personal trainer Diana Andrei tackles a problem that is bothering all women: body image and weight loss. She is a firm believer that self-love is the key to all of our success.

Among many others, Diana is also a Zumba Instructor, Holistic Coach and advocate for alternative medicine.

”We are all human beings, not human doings. I am dedicated to helping women become the most healthy and happy version of themselves.”

Me and Diana have a holistic approach to coaching, meaning we treat the mind, soul and body. One cannot heal without the other. While most coaches insist on healing from the inside out, we believe that sometimes our ”out”, our physical bodies, can accelerate the transformation on the mental level. At the moment we carry on 1-to-1 sessions with selected clients, while preparing our signature online course.

We believe that the coach-coachee relationship is build on unconditional friendship and trust. We will guide you every step of your journey and hold you accountable to the promise you have made to yourself, whatever it may be.

Femindipity is designed to unearth negative beliefs and counterproductive behaviours that keep a woman from reaching her full potential, Weight Loss PRO will help anyone who is struggling with body image, 9-Month Glow is meant to assist in pregnancy related insecurities.

A while back, a very ispirational woman (I will leave her identity a secret at this time), asked me if I ever thought about bringing Femindipity to the general public, so more people can benefit from my insights. That is why I decided to write a book. ”Connect with your feminine body” will tackle the 7 female developmental stages and how to resolve the psychosomatic blockages in each of them. I will include multiple interviews with various exceptional women, so that the project will have a colective value. If you also feel you can contribute, we would appreciate your collaboration.

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