1-to-1 Power Booster

Need a mental energy kick / reassurance / motivation when you feel low or anxious?

  • before an important meeting, eg. job interview
  • after a break-up
  • during a diet
  • before or after a medical diagnosis / procedure
  • or whatever comes to mind – just contact us and let us see if we can help.

We offer urgent** and non-urgent 1-to-1 single sessions of consulting and coaching. We are there to listen and provide the best advice for you in that situation.

Clients name this service the BFF call, but we slightly disagree. A friend usually tells you what you WANT and not what you NEED to hear. If someone asks the advice of a coach, then that someone has chosen to be confronted with the truth, even if it is not pleasant. That someone knows that a coach will not pat him or her on the back, but will play the role of the guide throughout the journey. We are happy that we are called BFFs though. The best compliment we could receive from our amazing clients!

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