I help women unearth their true self and use it to its full potential in order to lead a more fulfilled life.

Laura Götz

Dr. Laura Götz

Founder and CEO

– Head-coach of Femindipity and international Speaker for Female Empowerment

– Women’s Health and Psychosomatic Primary Care physician (since 2015, Germany) with a Doctor in Medicine degree from the Medical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2014)

– Author of Fiction and Non-Fiction books

Languages: English, German, Romanian

Best talks: Connect with your feminine body, Speak up your mind!, Career-Booster, Happiness-Booster, Fear is just another F word, The 9-month Glow.

When I started my medical residency, I never thought that my work with women will be more on the mental than on the physical level. I have discovered fear patterns that were at first inconceivable to me, and nowhere to be found in the easily accessible literature. Understanding psychology should not be a privilege for the BA students. Everybody should know and be able to work with the basics. Classical psychotherapy can be replaced with pro-active coaching in most cases. That is why I standardized my findings into Femindipity. It can and will help anyone willing to go through the 7-steps. Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy, without the stigma that goes with having undergone clinical therapy.

If you have the opportunity to bring about happiness, then it is your duty to supply as much of it as possible!

Laura Götz

Diana Andrei


– Managing Coach of Femindipity and international Speaker for Female Empowerment

– Personal fitness trainer, Zumba Instructor, Clifton Strengths Representative

– MA in Public Relations and Communication, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania (2011)

Languages: English, Hungarian, Spanish, Romanian

Best talks: I love my Health, The BFF in the mirror, Run like a girl, Happiness is an inside job, Healing the Impostor Syndrome

I have a strong belief that all of us have a divine purpose on earth and we are all Gods and Goddesses who sadly forgot or never acknowledged our special calling. If you are unaware of your true self, then it is your unconscious emotions that are taking over the control. You start hijacking yourself, because your unconscious mind is wired to give you what you need and not what you really want. Therefore the unwanted reactions and negative attitudes that arise make you feel incapable and unworthy to live your dream. I am here to help people understand that they shouldn’t settle for the next “okish” situation. Everybody deserves only the best and change starts at home : start loving yourself so that you can live a life that has meaning both to you and the ones around you.

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