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”Connect with your feminine body” will tackle the 7 female developmental stages and how to resolve the psychosomatic blockages in each of them. Get to me as a medical professional and contribute to this formidable book project. Not only will you learn more about yourself, but you will help other women activate the overwhelming energy they never knew they had!


Femindipity is my introspection-fuelled call-to-action method, which helps women reclaim their feminine energy and use it to upgrade their happiness.

My passion for helping my patients as a WHOLE and not as CASES has been my motivation to pursue an intensive research into my field, in order to develop new therapeutical strategies. I observed, talked to and privately counseled many women to test my theories and break down the medical language into words they can relate to. I started out with just a couple of strategies, which were fast and to the point. I did this online and also directly with my patients. Their heartfelt gratitude let me know I was on the right track.

Little did I know that by researching to help others, I was finding ways to help myself. So the gratitute is mutual and always be, my lovely patients!

That is life. We do not see things that are right in front of us. We need somebody to open our eyes. For exemplae, I could not put into words what my true talent was, untill somebody else said it:

”You can really talk to women!”

That is my Gift to the world. My Empathy, my Will to help, my Experience with so many different women who came into contact with me when they were at their lowest.

It took me a while till I gathered the courage to take the first step and sit down in front of a paper with a pen in my hand, in order to write the basics of my method. I did not think that I can do it, that I can develop something than can change the world. But I knew I owed it to all of those women in need to offer some clarity in their emotional chaos. With every word written in my new book, it became even more clear to me the impact it will have on women’s lives. Excitement bursts through every page and I dream constantly about the publication day.

Femindipity is my signature standardized coaching method, in which I tackle the milestones in each of the developmental stages of a woman and how to deal with unresolved issues. Therefore it is specifically designed for women and it is centered around the most powerfull energy source women possess, but which has been wrongfully neglected: their femininity (read here why).

I grouped all of the knowledge into 3 simple worksheets: 7 developmental stages, 7 milestones and 7 healing steps. It is very flexible and even though I focus mainly on femininity, the method can be extrapolated in all areas of life. Theoretically, everybody can use it to solve every problem that occurs, in which introspection is required.

This 7-step method used to be a 3-page PDF and now it will be detailed in Connect with your feminine body, as per request of one of the lead female-empowerment speakers worldwide who just fell in love with the concept (accreditations in the book). The project will be released in 2020.

(unofficial cover)

A false femininity is being imposed on us since birth and that influences our perception of life more than we women have ever thought. Once we accept our true, organic femininity, then we can grow into the real and strong version of ourselves.

I am excited about this project and the impact it will have on the world! I am already getting amazing feedback from other people envolved, being informed about the succesful life changes my clients have achieved after just a couple of coaching sessions.

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