Women that inspire: Rachel Puttick – bringing big energy into the world of learning and development

When you are on a mission, the Universe will give you signs to keep you on the right track. That is how I felt when I met Rachel Puttick – an extraordinary woman with endless stories to share. Read more about her life journey and the lessons she learned in this interview!

Women that inspire: Melinda George Bristol, the coach that wants you fit for your perfect job

Enjoy my interview with a special woman and now friend, Melinda George Bristol. She inspires me personally and her advice to women is: Do what’s right for you; don’t seek permission, but remember to take responsibility for whatever the outcome is!

Let’s talk Femindipity

The current Femindipity programmes are: You might also be interested in: I am Laura, a gynaecologist with a passion for psychology. After working with tens of thousands of women, I realised that alternative and not modern medicine was what most my patients needed. And so I dug deeper into psychosomatic and self-development to find waysContinue reading “Let’s talk Femindipity”