Our clients are mostly women, who want to rediscover themselves and live a more significant life. We have dealt with everything from relationship problems to battling symptoms and fear of menopause. A significant amount of women are pregnant or have given birth recently and struggle with insecurities, issues brought up by an unbalanced hormonal status and or weight gain. Male clients approach us for self-esteem coaching and dating advice – we find this extremely brave of them to admit and we support each and everyone of them!

Femindipity healing

with Dr. Laura Götz
  • a 10-session long, introspective-fuelled call-to-action method, which helps women reclaim their feminine energy and use it to upgrade their happiness;
  • dig into your past, present and future to unearth and neutralise negative beliefs and counterproductive behaviours that keep you from reaching your full potential!

Reconnect with your body

  • a 5 session training where we track down the source of any pain you experience, determine if it is organic or psychological, and recommend the most suitable therapy; pain intensity as well as occurance rates will drop significantly;
  • recommended for women with endometriosis and other types of chronic pain.

9 Month Glow

with Dr. Laura Götz

  • 5 session programme for women who are trying to have a baby, are pregnant or have given birth, and battle a wide range of insecurities;
  • get the peace a woman in this stage of life deserves through professional counseling and a wide range of meditation techniques.

Weight loss PRO

with coach Diana Andrei

  • a 10-session long motivational and transformational weight loss programme which aims to restore the balance between mind and body, tapping into bad eating habbits, self-esteem and body-image issues;
  • fall back in love with yourself while reaching a weight you feel comfortable in!

Power session 1-to-1

  • Need to work on a specific problem?
  • Are you in need of a Happiness or Motivation Booster?
  • Let us coach you and help you get the fast results you deserve!

Speaking/ training arrangements

Signature talk Dr. L. Götz: Connect with your feminine body (Femindipity express-transformation)

Other talks: Speak up your mind! (self-esteem workout), Career-Booster (motivation kick-starter), Fear is just another F word (fear-conquering techniques), The 9-month Glow (techniques for a carefree pregnancy)

Signature talk Diana Andrei: Run like a girl (Weight Loss Pro express-transformation)

Other talks: I love my Health, The BFF in the mirror, Happiness is an inside job, Healing the Impostor Syndrome

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