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As a doctor and I am passionate about psychosomatic symptoms (how mental distress influences our body). That is why I am combining modern with alternative medicine and complementary menthods in my practice, in order to help each unique client with their unique challenge.

Daily Distress

(cope with stress and find your inner peace )

Anxiety, fears & worries

Work-life balance

Mood swings



(improve your leadership skills or prepare for a better job)

Professional reorientation

Speaking and presentation training

Leadership & mental training

Job interview training

Self-selling training

Personal development

(upgrade to a new version of your mental programe)

Gain self-confidence

Maximise your strenghts

Resolve conflicts with ease

Trust your impulses

Recharge your resources

Reconnect with your values


(optimize your health and reduce chronic symptoms)

Psychosomatic Therapy

Chronic symptom assesment and therapy complementation

Revitalisation Therapy

Healthy weight-los

Nutrition optimisation

Relaxation techniques

Burn-out prevention

Disclaimer: Coaching is not Psychotherapy and it cannot replace such an intervention. An active coaching requires the client to have a stable mental status. If I (Dr. Laura Götz) asses that you need professional assistance from another professional (psychologist, psychiatrist, cardiologist, neurologist, etc.) you will get both a verbal and a written recommendation, which you can pass down to your general practitioner for further medical assistance.

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